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Dr. J. Michael Coleman

Established In 1983

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Michael J. Coleman & StaffDr. Coleman, is dedicated to the area of removable 
prosthodontics, we provide extraction when neccesary for placement of complete or partial dentures. We work with general dentists and oral surgons locally and in the surrounding areas to provide full dental care. Our personalized dentures are made with high quality materials.  It is not unusual for these dentures to last 20 years or longer.  Since we have our own in-house denture lab, we are able to be creative and flexable in designing dentures that are personalized to your individual desired look.

Care and Prevention for a Lifetime of Smiles
At our office, we believe healthy smiles and a sense of confidence go hand in hand. Maintaining a healthy outlook on life and a beautiful smile requires periodic professional care.

An Affordable Dental Care
We understand that professional dental procedures may come with elevated cost. That is why we are committed to providing removable prostheses at affordable prices. 

Insurance and Your Dental Care
We accommodate most dental health care plans. Please check with a scheduling representative to determine if we are within your network of professionals.

Upon Request Material Data Safety Sheets On All materials Used In Order To Assure Complete Patient Safety

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